Ralphs Auto Shop

"Excellent service! We stopped in here over new years period travelling for a holiday after having car troubles, and even though they were packed out busy a mechanic Ben took the time to hear us out, and then explain the problems we were having and took the time to assist us to do a temporary fix to get us to our destination. Highly recommended." Hamish 5 stars (Google)

"Highly Recommend.

Ralph inspected our car right when we arrived in the morning. He quickly diagnosed the problem while we waited (the engine mount on our Honda Fit was busted). Then he lent us a car to drive around Rotorua while the Honda was being fixed! It took less than two hours and we were back on the Road.

- Great service

- Reasonable price

- SUPER friendly staff (Ralph even provided recommendations since we are visitors to the area)" Belle 5 stars (Google)

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