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Camshaft Seal Replacement

Your camshaft is like the manager of the engine. It decides how much and when air and fuel is sent into each cylinder and when the exhaust is sent out. It spins at a very high speed and is something that is constantly working while the engine runs. As a result it needs a consistent and large amount of oil to maintain its operation.  

What is a camshaft seal?

The camshaft seal sits at the end of the camshaft and stops the high pressure oil leaking up into the heads or down into the timing chain assembly. It is made out of a highly resistant rubber material that is bushed with a metal ring and is compressed into place by a spring mounted to the camshaft which presses into the ring. 

Why do you need a camshaft seal?

If your camshaft gets starved of oil it can lead to catastrophic damage. It is not the sort of thing that you want to experience. There’s a reason that the cam gets priority oiling, anything that prevents this from happening - like the seal failing - needs to be fixed immediately.

How to tell if you need a new camshaft seal

If the valve covers are removed and wear is very obvious, it will need replacing. If the front cover is removed and there is far too much oil, that is a good indication too. It is generally noticed whenever work to the valvetrain is being completed. 

What’s involved in getting a camshaft seal replaced?

The camshaft needs to be pulled out of the front of the engine. The coolant and oil will be drained and the radiator removed. This also means that anything in front of the main cover will need to be removed. The front cover will then be removed and the timing chain and gear will be removed too. The camshaft seal will be removed with extra care to avoid scratching the cam lobes. The new seal will be pre-oiled and fitted. The timing gear and chain will be refitted correctly. All other components will be fitted and the fluids refilled. The car will be timed to make sure the camshaft is doing its job properly. Once the car is run it will be good to go.

How much does a camshaft seal replacement cost near Hawera?

The amount of labor required is the main cost. Most of the time it’s done with other jobs to do with the valvetrain. If it’s done on its own, expect prices to start around $450 and can go above $850 for a dual or quad cam set-up.

How often do I need a camshaft seal replaced?

Usually not that often at all. Not before 200,000km in most cases.

Is a broken camshaft seal unsafe?

It can be if it leads to camshaft damage. If it’s noticed that it needs replacing then most of the hard work must’ve already been done. You should get it replaced and save yourself the big bill.

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