Buying a Car: Transferring Ownership


Once you buy a car, you need to let people other than your friends know, that you’ve got yourself a new ride. Mainly, you need to let the government know that you’re the one rolling around in that car from now on. So, how do you transfer ownership?

Transferring ownership is an answer to one of those key questions “What do I do after I’ve bought a car?”. The good thing is that if you’re transferring ownership then you’re the proud new owner of a slick ride.

The NZTA has a guide on how to transfer ownership when you’ve bought a car – Follow the steps outlined here. It’s important to remember that it is a legal requirement to inform NZTA that you have bought a car.

If there’s an accident, theft, fine or other infringement against that car, it needs to be directed towards the correct person, hence the legality requirements. You don’t want the law to think you’re driving someone else’s car for obvious reasons.

The importance of you transferring ownership is essential to you and the previous owner. The paper trail is important for things like speeding tickets, registration details and any money owing against the car. It protects you and ensures that the car is both personally and legally yours.

Once you’ve bought a car you need a quality service and proper maintenance. We can help with that, head over to My Auto Shop here. Proper maintenance is essential in keeping your car on the road and preserving future value.

Don’t get caught out, transfer ownership properly as soon as you buy your new car.