Expert’s guide to making your tyres last longer

Keeping your tyres in good condition can help with other aspects of your car's performance

I remember once upon a time, I’d just joined the local football team, and was driving my new team mates home after practice one evening. The car was packed, the music was up and so were the voices. As I edged left to slow down let a couple of the boys on the side of the kerb, we suddenly heard a very loud Kerrrachk! Total rookie mistake, and not the one you want to make as the new player on the team.

We got out of the car, and thankfully the rim was safe, but it turns out the tyre was well beyond its best before date, and I’d actually managed to achieve a flat tyre in the process (although I didn’t find this out until later).

I suppose it was a pretty good way to break the ice, in hindsight. It was all a bit unfortunate, really! And so here are our tips on ways to keep your tyres meeting the same fate as mine.

Drive with care

We’ve all heard the phrase “drive it like you stole it,” but if you really want to get the best life out of your tyres, you should drive with the utmost level of care. That means no burnouts, no harsh braking, and no wheel squeals. Do this, and you’ll enjoy tip top tyre performance, which will actually filter into better gas mileage overall, which is a nice bonus for your careful driving.

Put the pressure on your tyres

Check your tyre pressure every time you fill up your gas tank. If that’s a bit too regular with your schedule, check it every month. The tyre sidewall integrity will be damaged by too much or too little air, resulting in uneven wear. Keeping your tyres inflated to the right level will keep you in good stead here.

The recommended tyre pressure should be listed on the tyre, but if you’re unsure, seek assistance from your local tyre store.

Pro tip – check your tyres when they’re cool, rather than warm and subject to fluctuation in pressure.

Know how your tyres perform

Take a close look at your wheels when you’re crouched in that uncomfortable awkward half squat on the filthy service station floor. Learn about your tyres.

  • Are there any chunks missing from the rubber/tread?
  • What’s the depth of the tread?
  • Is there anything else embedded, like nails, glass or stones?

By checking your tyres on a regular basis, you’ll be more likely to notice a problem before it becomes a major one.

Check your wheel balance and alignment

Get your wheels balanced and aligned by a professional every time you get new tyres installed. This is essential. A professional wheel alignment and balancing will ensure that all of your wheels are properly aligned and balanced on the road. MyAutoShop can help to get you sorted here with one of our expert tyre shops in your location.

Drive like your grandmother!

Put your phone down and concentrate. When driving past roadworks, avoid hitting potholes, keep the wheels off the kerb, and be aware of lips or edges. When a tyre takes a few tonnes of your car and loved ones to the bottom of a hole, that rubber layer can lose a chunk or worse.

The rubber band that keeps you and your family safe is your tyres. Take care of them so that they can continue to look after you.

MyAutoShop can help with tyres

A tyre specialist booked through MyAutoShop is ready and waiting to help you figure out how much life is left on your tyres, and what your options might be for a wheel alignment, or even a new set of tyres.

Head on over to the service area to get started.