How can a mobile mechanic help me?

My Auto Shop Remote Technician

Mobile mechanics, also known as remote technicians here at My Auto Shop, offer a great way to get your vehicle serviced or repaired at your home or office, without losing out on valuable time getting your car in full working order.  With the ability to bring all the necessary tools and parts with them in their specialised van or truck. 

With the ability to bring all the necessary tools and parts with them in their specialised van or truck, they’re able to carry out your servicing needs, as well as replacing brakes, suspension and other components just as easily as a workshop based mechanic could.

The question is though, are there any circumstances where it might be better to get your car to a workshop?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, but it may not be all bad news, with many mobile mechanics and remote technicians offering workshop services for the big jobs that can’t be carried out at home.  How do you know which repairs these might be? 

This article helps to provide an overview of issues that will potentially lead you to a dedicated mechanics workshop. Hopefully this guide will serve as a helpful heads up if you’ve got an issue that needs looking at and you’re considering booking a remote technician.

Full engine replacement

This is likely to be one of the more full-on and unfortunately more expensive repairs you’ll have to carry-out through the life of your vehicle. If your vehicle needs a new engine, the best thing to do is to have it transported to a bricks and mortar workshop where it can be hoisted up and accessed from underneath. While a remote technician can replace an engine, it’s generally cheaper to have the repair done in a workshop.

Transmission replacement

It’s a similar story when it comes to transmission replacements – there’s a fairly comprehensive set of steps that need to be taken, with lots of parts being removed from your vehicle.  Again, it’s simply more cost-effective to have this done in a traditional workshop, where there’s easy access to the required tools, and ultimately a safer, more manageable environment for your mechanic, too.

Major engine and transmission repairs

There are a whole host of potential repair jobs that a vehicle’s engine can require in its lifetime, and as alluded to earlier, often these jobs can require special sets of tools particular to the engine part.  While our remote technicians carry a vast assortment of tools on board, sometimes a workshop provides easier access and space for the jobs to be performed.  A vehicle may need to sit for a number of days if new parts and components need to be ordered in, which can end up creating a bit of a nuisance if your home repair is carried out over a few days.

How do I know if I should book a My Auto Shop remote technician?

If you’re experiencing any issues described above, it’ll likely be very obvious and you’ll want to get it looked at right away.  If you’re unsure, remember we’re always here to help guide you in the best direction, whether that’s pointing you towards a workshop near you, or having one of our team of remote technicians visit your home or workplace.  Head on over to the service area to get started and we’ll see you there.