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Your car needs a few key things to stay on the road. Warrant of Fitness, Road User Charges (if applicable), and Registration.

Your vehicle’s registration is basically a license to drive your car on public roads. The fees go into maintaining and building infrastructure that your car will use.

How Do I Check My Rego?

Well, there’s a handy sticker in the bottom left of your windscreen as you look out the car (bottom right as you look at the front of the car). This gives you the day/month/year that your registration expires. You should get a handy letter in the mail telling you it’s time to renew your registration. You can either do this at home via the NZTA Website or at AA branches and NZTA offices.

Why Do You Need Registration?

If you drive a car with an out of date registration, you can be issued with a fine. Seeing as the fine is roughly twice the amount of renewing your registration, it makes no sense to drive a car with an out of date rego.

When Buying a Car, Up To Date Registration is a Good Thing.

If you’re buying a car an up to date Rego shows that the car has been valued and maintained. Although not as critical to vehicle safety as a WoF, they are still something that you will want to keep up to date.

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