WoF expiring? Urgent repairs? Find out what to do about car repairs during lockdown Level 4.

- 2 mins read

While most of us won’t be using our cars during the current COVID lockdown (except for the odd trip to the supermarket), you may be wondering what to do if your warrant of fitness expires or your car breaks down during this time. The answer isn’t the same for everyone. Essential workers If you are […]

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Nissan Leaf Diagnostic

EV vs. Petrol: What does annual maintenance look like?

- 3 mins read

If you are thinking about buying an electric or hybrid vehicle you have probably already done a bit of research around the cars range and how much you stand to save not buying fuel. But have you considered the cost of maintenance? There are far fewer moving parts on many of these types of vehicles, […]

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How To Check My Car Registration

/ - 2 mins read

Your car needs a few key things to stay on the road. Warrant of Fitness, Road User Charges (if applicable), and Registration. You need to check your registration and keep up to date on when it needs renewal. Your vehicle’s registration is basically a license to drive your car on public roads. The fees go […]

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