What is a sway bar and how does it work?

/ - 4 mins read

When you hear sway bar, you assume it has something to do with swaying. You’d be on the money. Also known as an ‘anti-roll bar’, it helps to distribute weight transfer and reduce body roll during cornering. It is a fairly simple idea but the engineering boffins make it an excellent one. A sway bar […]

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Should I drive differently in winter? 6 tips to get ready for winter driving

/ - 3 mins read

Winter is here, unfortunately bringing with it darker days, slippery roads and icy windscreens. Kiwi roads are often challenging at the best of times, but these factors just make it even tougher. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a new Audi or an old Honda, anyone can be caught out. Here are 6 tips to […]

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