What is a egr valve and how does it work?

An EGR valve sounds like it belongs in your heart. It doesn’t involve ventricles or aortas, it involves exhaust gas, the intake manifold, air and fuel, and emissions. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, it is a valve that car makers turned to in the fight against emissions and for fuel economy.

It sounds really complicated but you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t really. Another one of those cool things that are simple and effective.

What is a EGR valve?

Exhaust gas is your air and fuel mixture that has been exhausted of itss potential energy. Well that’s what your EGR valve is banking on. Tubing connects the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold via the EGR valve.

It is designed to open and allow exhaust gas to recirculate through the cylinder head. It can undergo the combustion cycle again without damaging engine performance. In fact, it can enhance it.

An EGR valve reduces harmful emissions by recycling. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It reduces your cars’ combustion temperature by recycling less combustible exhaust gas. This in turn reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. Saving the planet has never been so easy.

How does an EGR valve work?

Well you’ve probably figured out from what we said before. Unless you dozed off, to be fair it isn’t the most interesting car part around.

The valve opens when required to reduce the overall oxygen content of your air/fuel ratio. The pressure from the exhaust gas pushes the gas through the valve to be sucked into the cylinder.

The available air to combust is reduced, the detonation temperature is lower, NOx reduced. Bob’s your uncle.

What can go wrong with an EGR valve?

Given that it opens and closes, and when open circulates carbon-rich exhaust gas, it can gum up and get blocked. This can lead to a check engine light, wear diesel particulate filters in diesel engines, and give poor emissions results.

If it gets stuck in the open position that can make things more interesting. Now you have exhaust gas pumping through 24/7. Get ready for a rough idle, poor acceleration, check engine light and some rich running.

If you have any problems with your EGR system, you need it checked immediately. Click here to find a mechanic near you who can get it sorted asap.

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