What is a egr valve and how does it work?

/ - 2 mins read

An EGR valve sounds like it belongs in your heart. It doesn’t involve ventricles or aortas, it involves exhaust gas, the intake manifold, air and fuel, and emissions. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, it is a valve that car makers turned to in the fight against emissions and for fuel economy. It sounds really […]

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What the hell is a ‘tune-up’?

/ - 3 mins read

Okay, so truth be told, the term tune-up is a little redundant these days.  It only really applies if you’re talking about a pre-2000s car, although I still hear it bandied about today, so it seems like it’s loosely interchangeable with service or routine maintenance. The way modern cars are built has changed and so […]

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