Why does oil need changing?

Your oil is the most critical fluid in your engine. It lubricates all the really expensive stuff, it keeps things clean, and it cools the engine when you’re driving. Due to your oil being circulated constantly and lubricating a bunch of moving parts, it picks up dirt, moisture and other carbon deposits.

To keep these contaminants from moving around your engine and possibly damaging it, you have an oil filter. The oil filter does a great job of keeping everything clean. However, over time the oil filter will run out of service life. This means that it becomes clogged and isn’t keeping the oil as clean as it needs to be.

So your oil will need changing, and when your oil gets changed you’ll need a nice clean oil filter too.

Why do you need to change your oil?

I feel like we just went over this. When your engine is running, air is sucked in, fuel mixes with it, it explodes and exhaust gas exits. Along the way this creates a lot of heat, high speed movement, some carbon deposits, dirt around valves and other bits and pieces.

Your oil’s job is to take care of these things and ensure that the engine runs smoothly. Your oil filters job is to make sure that the oil continues to do this as effectively as possible.

The oil carries the dirt, moisture, carbon and other contaminants to the oil filter. It replaces them with itself, a lubricating and cooling viscous liquid. This keeps the engine spinning freely and cleanly, at the right temperature.

It is the most essential liquid to keep your engine running.

As with all things, your engine oil has a lifespan. Once it is exhausted it needs replacing. Your oil’s lifespan will be in your owner’s manual, a sticker on the windscreen, and sometimes an indicator on your dashboard.

When it needs changing, you should change it.

What happens if I don’t change my oil?

You oil will slowly become more and more dirty. This leads to the engine running poorly and internal wear becoming more and more prevalent. Generally your bearings will wear through and fail, this leads to a seized engine which equals a broken car.

That is far more expensive than an oil change.

Who can change my oil?

Any one of our experienced garages. They can change your oil without any difficulty. They can also service your whole car at a fantastic rate. Just click here to get whatever work it needs, done cheaply and transparently.