Why do I need a wheel balance?

Your wheels are round, they have tyres fitted over the top of them and they roll. Why fix what isn’t broke? Well, your wheels do roll, that’s where the problem comes from. Your wheels may be round and roll nicely, but without balancing, they won’t do that very well at all.

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A wheel will roll fine without any load, at low speeds, with a tyre on. Introduce highway driving and mount it to a heavy car and you’ll get vibration. The wheel needs to be weighted exactly right to rotate perfectly with the tyre fitted.

This can be so minute that you have gram weights internally or externally fitted to the wheel to balance it.

How is a wheel balanced?

The wheel is bolted to a spin balancer. This spins the wheel at a high speed and the computer detects where the wheel needs weighting.

There is usually a laser indicator that directs the technician to where the weight needs to be placed and how much is required.

It will then spin the wheel again and make sure it is perfectly weighted. Once they are happy, they will fit the wheel and tyre to your car and you’re all set.

Why do wheels need to be balanced?

If your wheels are unbalanced it can lead to erratic tyre wear. This can seriously reduce tyre lifespan and lead to you having to fork out for new tyres far quicker than you should need to.

The other massive issue is the vibration. It’s not just uncomfortable, it seriously wears things like bearings, bushings, CV joints, axles, transmission seals and engine mounts.

All of these cost a heck of a lot more than a $100< balance for all four corners.

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