Buying a Car: Pro’s and Con’s of a Hatchback


Why should you buy a hatchback? Car parks are getting smaller, fuel prices getting higher, and the need for a small and nimble, yet economical and reliable car, has seen the hatchback become something of a market darling.

Alongside the increase in popularity of modern SUVs, we’ve seen over the past 20 years the rise of the small to medium hatchback. Hatchbacks suit the lifestyle for more and more of the population. With a dramatic increase in people living in apartment buildings and townhouses, the maneuverability and accessibility that hatchback’s offer, has become more and more appealing to more and more people.

Top 5 Advantages

  1. Small Car, Lots of Space: A hatchback has a layout that is akin to a box on wheels with a bit on the front to hold the engine. This means that storage space is optimised, the boot space is large and open, the rear seats almost always fold down, yet your car can still fit into small spaces. They’re kind of like the Tardis, but if the Tardis was a hatchback and couldn’t time travel.
  2. Small Car, Park Anywhere: Well don’t park wherever you want, but you can certainly sneak into a bunch of spaces that larger cars can’t. The turning circle is also the best in class for the available body styles, and will surely help you cruise through any and all underground parking garages.
  3. Sips Fuel: Smaller cars require less engine power to move them, because they weigh less. So you have a fuel economy winning scenario, where the car is light and has a small engine. The fuel economy as a result will have you laughing all the way to the bank compared to SUVs and Utes. The fuel economy is a big reason why you should buy a hatchback.
  4. Nigel No Mates? No Worries: Modern hatchbacks are catered to the driver and passenger comforts. You get all the creature comforts as the other cars across the range. This means you get all the advantages of a hatchback without having to deal with the ‘runt’ of the litter. The compromise of rear passengers leg room and comfort can be ignored if you’ve got no friends.
  5. Price: The more money you save, the better off you are. Seeing as hatchbacks are well priced and compete with each other in the segment, consumers are often the winner. You have a range of hatchbacks to choose from yet the most luxurious are less than many European SUV base models.

Top 5 Disadvantages

  1. Size: The problem with a small car is that they are small. That’s right, we’re basically Sherlock Holmes on that one. What this means is that claimed seating for 5 is really seating for 4 and even then comfort is questionable. If you don’t have to lug people around much, then don’t sweat it, if you do… sweat it a little.
  2. Visibility: Hatchbacks sit low to the ground, and don’t have much length or width to them either. This means that when sitting in traffic, you’re really ‘in’ traffic. You can’t see around it, or over it. If you like a smaller car and are happy driving one, then who cares. If you like to know what’s going on, then maybe something with a little more clearance is the way to go.
  3. Boot Space: In a Sedan, the boot is sealed by a metal lid. In a hatchback, it’s got a bit of glass that is trying it’s best. If you park on the street and often have valuables in the car, then you might want to consider something with a little more security. Most modern hatches have cargo covers to keep unwanted eyes out, still one smash and everything’s for the taking.
  4. Power: Now there are some hatches coined hot hatches who have buckets full of power at their disposal, but most don’t. Most hatchbacks are a little underpowered, which is great for fuel, not great for when the foot hits the floor and races to the ‘speed of slow’. Any towing is usually light and when loaded up with gear in the boot, the car can be really limited.
  5. Overall Selection: We like to have plenty of options, and most car makers offer a couple models of hatchback. However, when you measure these up against the masses of SUVs, Cross-over SUVs and Sedans, you may find that the available cars aren’t as broad as you’d like. If you want to buy a hatchback you should consider the range options.

Our Favourite 5 Cars

  1. VW Golf GTI: Hot hatch, heaps of gizmos, heaps of comfort, so much space. The VW Golf has defined hatchbacks for years, the GTI has defined hot hatches.
  2. Ford Focus: These are hot on the heels of the Golf range, they offer a wide range, from economical to insanely sporty. These have all the bells and whistles, and they’re worth a comparison against the Golfs.
  3. Mazda 3: Stylish, reliable, spacious and plenty of options. The Mazda 3 might not measure up against the top 2 when it comes to drivability. These keep getting more and more refined and are at least in the conversation with the big dogs.
  4. Audi A3: These are Audi’s attempt to overthrow the VW Golf. They’ve been making some really good attempts for years. We love the RS3 and S3 models, but they also offer diesels and small displacement petrol motors as well.
  5. Mercedes A Class: Merc went for the luxury route with these. They are fantastic cars and their range is equally impressive. The only reason they aren’t higher up is the price point.

If you want to browse through what hatchbacks are on offer, have a look at TradeMe motors right here. They’ve got plenty of options and plenty of the info you need.

Hatchbacks are a great way to deal with modern demands for our cars. Why should you buy a hatchback? They are extremely versatile, practical and economical. Hatchbacks are a great model for the right people, if a hatchback is going to fit into your lifestyle – you won’t be left wanting. If you need to get your sweet hatchback serviced, you can easily book it in on our website.