Buying a Car: Pro’s and Con’s of a SUV


SUVs are plentiful at the moment. You can get small, medium, large SUVs, you name it, someone makes it. This has been the biggest boom in modern automobiles. Why should you buy a SUV? And why do so many others buy them as well? 20 years ago they were rare, now 2/3’s of all cars sold in NZ are SUVs, there must be something to that… right?

So what’s all the fuss about? Why do so many people flock to SUVs? Well hopefully we can answer those questions and more.

Top 5 Advantages

  1. Space: I mean this one is pretty obvious. SUVs are big and this comes with a bunch of natural advantages. Why would you buy a SUV over other models? SUVs give you; leg and head room, cabin space, comfortable and plentiful seating arrangements (some have 7 seats), and boot space. Apart from a Ute with a canopy, you aren’t going to have the same boot space available with any other car.
  2. Engine Power: SUVs are a large car, that means they need a large engine to move them around. This does come with its tradeoffs, but in terms of grunt, SUVs should have plenty. This will help with overtaking, driving with a few people in the car, and towing. Most SUVs are built to tow and to tow well. If you pull caravans, boats or trailers regularly, an SUV will do the job.
  3. Height and Size: But didn’t we just say “Space”? What we mean with this one, is that the car rides high off the road, allowing you to see around and over traffic. It also means that you have more mass and sometimes more safety when in an accident. If carrying kids is something you do often, you may like the increased size and visibility that an SUV offers.
  4. Go Anywhere and Do Stuff: SUVs often have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Combined with their large wheels and tyres, this means asphalt, gravel, mud, sand – SUVs can take it all. If you do the occasional off roading or launching a boat, SUVs offer versatility that sedans or hatchbacks can’t match.
  5. Comfort: With so many people buying SUVs at the moment, the demand for build quality has forced car makers to develop a more solid, tech filled and comfortable car. Nearly all modern SUVs will have touch screens, cruise control, leather seats and steering wheel. This means that rather than be as utilitarian as they used to be, many SUVs are now refined and can compete with the most luxurious of sedans.

Top 5 Disadvantages

  1. Fuel Economy: With a large car comes a larger fuel bill. That bigger engine and car size means your SUV will need more fuel to keep it moving than that of hatchbacks and sedans. If you’re using an SUV around town, you may notice a substantial hit in the wallet department.
  2. Price: All that luxury, all that size, it all comes with a price. It’s a hefty price compared with hatchbacks and sedans. Now you can say that you’re getting what you’re paying for, but you are paying for a lot. With those on a budget, it’s worth asking if you really need to spend more to have to spend more on fuel as well.
  3. Parkability: Yeah na, they’re big cars, they need big spaces, they need big turning circles. In a paddock, these aren’t too important – around town they are. All the parking aids in the world won’t make your Audi Q7 a Mini Cooper.
  4. Rollover: No, not what you tell the dog. SUVs are a large car that ride high off the road and when cornering aggressively they can roll over. Most modern SUVs have advanced electronics that stop this happening, but many still give you the sensation that your Hyundai is trying to be a Spitfire.
  5. Maintenance Costs: SUVs have a bunch of high tech driving systems and when coupled with the larger brakes, engine and suspension set up – when things go wrong it’s often expensive and complicated. Compared to hatches and sedans, SUVs generally just cost more due to their increased size.

Our Favourite 5 SUVs:

  1. BMW X5: All the tech, all the luxury, all the handling and all the range. From a hybrid to a twin turbo V8. The X5 encompasses as many sedan driving features as it can, while still offering all the SUV benefits. These exlempify why you should buy a SUV. A bit pricey though.
  2. Audi Q7: Great Quattro system, great engine options, really comfortable, drives fantastically, and comes down to style when compared to the BMW.
  3. Volvo XC90: Safest one out there, Volvo has been defining safety for over 60 years now. They also offer a great SUV to drive and to ride in. If you’ve got kids or just like safety, these are for you.
  4. Porsche Cayenne: Really fast, looks good, goes fast, will do all the things the average Joe needs. Did we mention its fast? Geez, it’s fast.
  5. Mercedes GLS: These are a comfortable and luxurious SUV that will do all the things of the others. Can be optioned with the 4.0 litre V8 and why wouldn’t you? If you’ve got the money, this will compete with any other on this list.

Hopefully You Now Have a Better Idea of Why Should You Buy a SUV

If you’re interested in buying an SUV then have a look at TradeMe Motors. They’ve got heaps of options and plenty of the info that you need when trying to figure out why you should buy a SUV.

SUVs have so much to offer. They’re insanely popular and there’s so many of them out there. They offer so much to consumers these days, the space, luxury and comfort. All things that are hard to ignore, and if you don’t mind the the downsides, you’ll love owning one. If your SUV needs a quality service then head on over to My Auto Shop for all your needs.