WoF expiring? Urgent repairs? Find out what to do about car repairs during lockdown Level 4.

While most of us won’t be using our cars during the current COVID lockdown (except for the odd trip to the supermarket), you may be wondering what to do if your warrant of fitness expires or your car breaks down during this time. The answer isn’t the same for everyone.

Essential workers

If you are an essential worker (thank you), you are able to get a WoF during level 4. Many mechanics are closed right now, but you will find a reduced number of VTNZ, AA and VINZ testing stations remain open for essential worker’s WoF at the government’s request. You can find a list of available locations here – https://vtnz.co.nz/covid/covid-19-inspections/. These businesses are operating under strict COVID procedures. Please contact them to arrange an appointment.

Everyone else

If you are not using your vehicle for an essential service then you cannot get a WoF or any repairs completed during level 4. So how do you get groceries? According to Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) the Police have been given some discretion around fines, so as long as your car is safe to drive you should be allowed to use it for permitted purposes.

If your car’s WoF is expiring soon, it makes sense to inspect your own vehicle for basic issues such as blown lights or bald tyres before venturing anywhere. The TWIRL procedure (tyres, windscreen, wipers, mirrors, indicators, rust and lights) will help you to assess the safety of your vehicle in just a couple of minutes. 

What about WoF extensions?

While there is no official word from the government just yet, they did allow extensions on your WoF if it expired during the lockdowns last time. Until an official notice is made, Police have been instructed to use their judgement.

What level will I be able to get the work done?

Most mechanics are open in level 3 or less, and operate contactless services and repairs. The easiest, most convenient way to book servicing and repairs in New Zealand has to be with My Auto Shop. Search from plenty of repairers in your neighbourhood to get your work done at the right price. In many areas they can arrange a completely contactless pick up and drop off from your home, removing the need to venture out in these uncertain times.