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Time for a Oil & Filter Change?

Oil is one of the most important fluids in a car. It sits inside the engine and keeps all the parts moving smoothly while the engine runs. Unfortunately, oil gets old and wears out, which can cause trouble in an engine. It should be changed regularly to ensure your engine has a long life. When changing your oil, you will typically change the oil filter too. It’s a fairly quick job, one you can do at home, but can get messy! It doesn’t matter what you drive, let us find a workshop in Palmerston North to get your Oil & Filter Change sorted. 

What is engine oil anyway?

Engine oil is typically a combination of substances, predominantly consisting of base oils that can survive high temperatures, mixed with a bunch of additives to clean, disperse bits and reduce wear in an engine.

Why do you need motor oil?

Engine oil is the primary lubricant in an engine. With so many metal parts, running at such a high temperature in an engine, oil enables them to move freely and ensure your car engine doesn’t seize up. It also protects the engine parts from wear and tear. 

What symptoms mean you need an oil change?

  • Oil Light on the dashboard
  • Dark, extra exhaust fumes
  • Increase engine noise
  • Dark, blackish oil on the dipstick
  • Lower km’s per litre of fuel.

How do you change oil on a car?

Most cars will have a drain plug on the bottom of the engine, on a part called a sump. This can be undone and the oil will pour out. If doing this yourself, remember to put a container underneath as it can go EVERYWHERE! Also, be sure not to drive the car with no oil in it. 

How much does an oil change usually cost?

This really depends on how big your engine is, and what type of oil it takes. A large engine, eg. a V8, will take more oil. As you pay per litre, this results in a higher cost. The type of oil can vary in cost too. A synthetic oil is usually used in modern and european vehicles, which commands a higher price. 

How often do I need to change my oil?

Typically you should change your oil when you service your car, about once a year (or every 10,000km). If you have had other issues or see some of the symptoms above, it might pay to change your oil sooner.

Is old oil in a car unsafe?

While having old oil in your car isn’t unsafe, it may lead to a breakdown that can be fatal for the car’s engine. If you know your oil isn’t as fresh as it needs to be, don’t wait. 

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