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Inlet Manifold Gasket Replacement

Your intake manifold serves a few major jobs. It keeps oil inside the engine and the outside elements sealed away. It keeps coolant circulating through channels to keep the engine cool and it carries air from outside the engine to the inside of the engine to allow it to run. 

What is an inlet manifold gasket?

From the 3 jobs listed above, it serves as a gasket for those 3 things. It keeps oil, coolant and air all separate. This ensures the motor runs how it should, as it should. The gasket itself is made out of steel, cork, sometimes even a plastic composite. It is compressed by the manifold bolts and often a little RTV or silicone is used to seal up the more risky areas.  

Why do you need an inlet manifold gasket?

Oil, water and air don’t really do too well if mixed in your engine. As a result, the inlet manifold gasket makes sure that this cocktail doesn’t occur. If this gasket fails, it can lead to major engine damage - something you don’t want at all.

How to tell if you need a new inlet manifold gasket

If you notice that your exhaust gas is getting a little black and your oil consumption is increasing, then it may be time to replace the gasket. If the engine is struggling to perform as it should then that’s another key indicator. If oil or coolant is leaking around the inlet manifold then that is also a surefire indicator.

What’s involved in getting an inlet manifold gasket replaced?

The mechanic will lift the bonnet and remove any engine coverings that prevent access to the manifold. They will then disconnect any sensors or other obstructions and unbolt the manifold from the head. The old gasket will be scraped off and the mounting surface will be cleaned. The new gasket will be fitted and the inlet manifold will be replaced. All connecting sensors and coverings will be refitted. The engine will be run to make sure that everything is working as it should and the car will be good to go.

How much does an inlet manifold gasket cost?

The gaskets aren’t too expensive but the labor cost is the pricey bit. The price range is pretty large since it is entirely dependent on the engine and car but a basic range is around $220 to $650.

How often do I need an inlet manifold gasket replaced?

They aren’t a serviced item. It isn’t uncommon for them to fail but if they do they need to be fixed immediately.

Is a broken inlet manifold gasket unsafe?

It can lead to severe engine damage and that’s something that you’ll want to avoid. If it needs replacing - replace it.

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