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Battery Warning Light is on

If your Battery Warning Light is on My Auto Shop can get it sorted with a Battery Inspection. Simply leave as many details about the issue as you can and we will contact local MTA approved mechanics that are qualified to fix the underlying issue. We'll email you quotes for an inspection within 2 working days, and where possible provide an indication as to the likely underlying issue(s) and cost to fix. You can book directly on the My Auto Shop platform in minutes.

How a Battery Inspection works with My Auto Shop:

Our mechanics will load test your battery, as well as check the charging system of your vehicle, including the output of the alternator, and quote on necessary replacement or repairs if needed.

When your Battery Warning Light is on its often as a result of a:

  • Bad alternator
  • You have blown fuses
  • You have a bad electronic component or wiring

Popular services linked to a Battery Inspection:

Ignition Switch Replacement

The ignition switch is what gets the ball rolling on your commute. It is what completes the circuit and gets the starter to turn the motor over. The ignition switch is how baddies used to steal cars in the old days. Modern cars often have a ‘push button’ start and are much harder to steal. The ignition switch gets a fair workout over its lifetime so it’s not unexpected for it to fail.

Window Regulator Replacement

Your window regulator is the wonderful piece of equipment. It’s what makes your window roll up when you pull the button and roll down when you press it. If you’re someone who likes the windows down in summer, then it’s your best friend. If you don’t like the windows down in summer… What are you doing? Due to the amount of usage combined with the moisture and grime, your window regulators do wear out over time.

Starter Motor Replacement

When you turn the key (or press the start/ stop button) magic happens… well nearly. What's actually going on behind there is thanks, in no small part, to the engine's starter motor. A starter motor is a small electric motor attached to the engine’s flywheel, which when engaged, helps turnover the engine until it fires up. This rotation is what bursts your engine to life. Once the engine is running the starter motor returns to its hibernated form, waiting for the next time you need to start your car.

Glow Plug Replacement

A glow plug is screwed into the cylinder head a lot like a spark plug. Except it has an electric element at the end of it that heats up to over 850 degrees celsius. This then heats up the cylinder head and helps the diesel mixture to combust and start the engine. They don’t stay on forever though, the engine is soon hot enough to handle itself and the glow plugs turn off.

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