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Car idle is rough

If your vehicle's idle is rough My Auto Shop can get it sorted with a Engine Inspection. Simply leave as many details about the issue as you can and we will contact local MTA approved mechanics that are qualified to fix the underlying issue. We'll email you quotes for an inspection within 2 working days, and where possible provide an indication as to the likely underlying issue(s) and cost to fix. You can book directly on the My Auto Shop platform in minutes.

How a Engine Inspection works with My Auto Shop:

Our qualified mechanic will look to complete a thorough inspection of your vehicle's engine using the information or symptoms you have provided via the My Auto Shop platform. To complete this the mechanic will usually start by plugging into your OBDII port and completing a complete diagnostic scan. This will highlight any error or warning codes your vehicle has and will provide the mechanic with information they. need to fix your problem.

Depending on the symptoms the mechanic will take a good look at your vehicles:
- Drive & timing belts (cambelt, serpentine belts);
- Camshaft & crankshaft;
- Spark plugs; or
- Oil pan.

Before completing any repairs the mechanic will complete a quote and look for your approval.

When your vehicle's idle is rough its often as a result of a:

  • Dirty Fuel Injector
  • Incorrect Idle Speed
  • Vacuum Leak
  • Incorrectly Installed or Damaged Plugs
  • Defective or Clogged Fuel Pump
  • Clogged Fuel Filter
  • Failing Electrical Components
  • Defective Airflow Sensor
  • Dirty Oxygen Sensor

Popular services linked to a Engine Inspection:

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs are the reason a petrol powered engine works. They are a part of the all important process known as “fuel, air and spark”. Without one of these components, your car's engine will not be able to work.

Water Pump Replacement

When your engine is running it can get very hot. To prevent the engine overheating, the water pump does what its name suggests. Pumping water around the engine and then carrying the hot water to the radiator where it is cooled and then pumped back through the engine.

Radiator Bottom Hose Replacement

In order to send your cooled coolant from the radiator to the engine, it has to travel through the radiator bottom hose. This hose is prone to wearing out over time, this is due to the constant pressure and heat cycles. You don’t want coolant going on the ground instead of the engine, so get the bottom hose fixed as soon as possible.

Exhaust Repair

An exhaust pipe is responsible for carrying combustion gases out of your car. More technically it connects from the exhaust manifold to the muffler. It is usually made out of steel but they can also be stainless steel or aluminised steel. Because of the acids and grease the exhaust pipe carries it is one of the few parts on your car that wears even when the car is not running.

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