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Creaking noise when turning the steering wheel

If your vehicle makes a creaking noise when you turn the steering wheel My Auto Shop can get it sorted with a Suspension Inspection. Simply leave as many details about the issue as you can and we will contact local MTA approved mechanics that are qualified to fix the underlying issue. We'll email you quotes for an inspection within 2 working days, and where possible provide an indication as to the likely underlying issue(s) and cost to fix. You can book directly on the My Auto Shop platform in minutes.

How a Suspension Inspection works with My Auto Shop:

Our mechanic will raise your car and look underneath for any signs of damage or deterioration. They will then proceed to check for excessive tyre wear, damage to the wheel bearings, springs, shock absorbers or struts. After this they will check the CV joints, and inspect the suspension arms, bars and bushes for signs of damage.

They will then quote up any repairs or replacement parts if required.

When your vehicle makes a creaking noise when you turn the steering wheel its often as a result of a:

  • Worn Shock or Strut
  • Dry Jounce Bushing
  • Dry/Damaged Suspension Bushings
  • Worn Ball Joints
  • Damaged Tie Rod Ends
  • Damaged Power Steering Pump/Rack/Belt

Popular services linked to a Suspension Inspection:

Front Shock Absorber Replacement

When you go over a bump, pothole or just a bad bit of road, rather than bouncing around your car, the shock absorbers make sure you stay comfortable. They play a massive role in ensuring you make it around corners and come to a stop. They control the weight transfer of the car and are a critical part of the suspension.

Rear Shock Absorber Replacement

Your shock absorber comes in a long round container with a metal rod sticking out of one end. It is this rod that travels up and down through the shock absorber and manages the travel of the suspension.

Power Steering Pump Replacement

Your power steering is your best friend when driving around town. The power steering pump is what generates the fluid pressure that assists your steering inputs. The pump is run off a belt from the drive pulley and due to the constant usage, they are known to suffer from faults.

Sway Bar Replacement

Your sway bar is a pretty important part of your car’s suspension and steering. It helps prevent the body rolling and keeps you planted during cornering. It makes your ride a lot more comfortable and stops you feeling like you’re going to fall out the door when you turn into a street.

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