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Driveshaft Centre Bearing Replacement

In a lot of modern SUVs and Utes the length between the transmission and differential is too long due to the length of the vehicle. As a result, the driveshaft has to be connected in two parts. The driveshaft centre bearing is what connects the two pieces of driveshaft together. As this bearing is heavy duty and is connected to two heavy, fast spinning driveshafts, they do wear out eventually.

What is a driveshaft centre bearing?

It is a large bearing that is mounted somewhere in the centre of the driveshaft. It is supported by a housing that is bolted to the subframe and encased in a large bushing. The bushing not only reduces vibrations but it also serves as protection to keep moisture and dirt out. The driveshaft is what spins the wheels of your car and any vibrations can do serious damage to your transmission and differential. 

Why do you need a driveshaft centre bearing?

The centre bearing is what allows your two-part driveshaft to function as required. It connects the two shafts and allows them to spin at the right angle without interference. If there’s a problem with the centre bearing, it can lead to damage to other valuable components, as well as a nasty vibration.

How to tell if you need a new driveshaft centre bearing

The most obvious indication is that there is a strong vibration as your vehicle speed increases. If you can hear a rattling or clunking sound as you drive and it’s coming from near the middle of the vehicle then that is another indication. 

What’s involved in getting a driveshaft centre bearing replaced?

The mechanic will firstly hoist the car up and disconnect the driveshaft from the differential. They will then disconnect this section from the centre bearing and remove it. The front section will be disconnected from the transmission and unbolted from the centre bearing also. The centre bearing will then be disconnected from the housing and the new on installed. The driveshafts will be refitted and all angles will be checked to ensure that there will be no vibrations. The car will then be test driven and be good to go.

How much does a driveshaft centre bearing cost?

The costs for a centre bearing replacement will start around $300 and go higher than $600.

How often do I need a driveshaft centre bearing replaced?

Sometimes not at all. Unless they become damaged or the bushing fails it is unlikely it will ever need replacing.

Is a broken driveshaft centre bearing unsafe?

It can be if it fails. If you notice a serious vibration from under the vehicle then it’s something that you should get checked out and resolved as soon as possible.

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