Can spark plugs increase horsepower


Your spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel and air mixture in your petrol engine. They work extremely hard, endure heat cycles and wear over time.

Spark plugs can be replaced with the OEM specification plugs as recommended. By sticking to the manufacturer’s service schedule you can ensure that your cars performance isn’t compromised. If you need them changed, or just want a general check up, click here to book your car in.

But did you know that you can improve engine performance and horsepower by switching to either colder or hotter spark plugs. That sounds a bit odd. However, if you read on you’ll be a NGK ambassador in no time.

How do Spark Plugs add power?

So inside your combustion chamber you have a mixture of fuel and air. When your spark plugs fire the charge sent from the ignition coil or distributor, this mixture ignites.

The high charge spark combusts the fuel and air. But it might not combust as much as possible. This is where high performance spark plugs come in.

If you follow recommendations from manufacturers you can upgrade your spark plugs. These upgraded plugs will provide a stronger, more efficient spark. They ignite more of the available mixture and they ignite it stronger. Leading to a more efficient combustion.

Is it worth changing my Spark Plugs?

Fresh spark plugs will make your car run more efficiently and more powerfully. For the same amount of fuel and air as before, you get a stronger spark. Your car runs better, for no extra cost than the spark plug replacement.

So increased performance, increased efficiency, and increased confidence in your engine. What’s not to love?

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