Expert’s guide to mobile windscreen repairs

Broken windscreen

Are you reading this due to a set of unfortunate circumstances relating to your windscreen?  We’re sorry to hear that!

The good news is that mobile windshield experts can repair or replace your windscreen in the convenience of your own home… or at the very least your driveway.  Even better, we can help!

Why windscreens are important

The purpose of the windscreen is to protect the occupants of a car from dirt, insects, flying objects, rain, and, of course, wind.

These days, if you’re in an accident (and fingers crossed you’re not!), windscreens are engineered to not shatter or break apart, lowering the risk of glass cutting occupants and assisting drivers in being safer behind the wheel.

Windscreens, despite being designed to be smart and durable, can still suffer cracks and chips from numerous types of impact, which can compromise their structural integrity.

How to know if your windscreen needs to be replaced or repaired

Plain and simple, driving around with a chip in your windscreen isn’t a smart idea.  In the case of a crack, it’s a terrible idea.  If a crack gets any longer than 30cm, you’re probably going to need to look at a replacement.

If there are multiple chips or cracks, yep, it’s time to think about replacing that windscreen.  This is also the case if a crack moves to the edge of your windscreen.

What to tell a remote windscreen technician

Your mobile windscreen technician will need the following information;

  1. The year, make and model of your vehicle
  2. Whether your car is equipped with rain sensors, in-built antenna, brake/lane assist or forward-facing cameras.
  3. What and where the damage is – location, type and size of crack or chip

How do you repair a windscreen?

To repair a windscreen, a crystal clear resin is applied to the wound, as it were.  First, your remote glass technician will clean the area using suction, then they’ll carefully apply the resin to the chip, crack or star, filling up the gap in the glass.

Need a remote auto technician to look at your windscreen?

If you’re in need of a windscreen repair or replacement quote, remember, we’ve got your back.  Check out the My Auto Shop quote service, and we’ll take care of the legwork on quotes, bookings and so forth, so you can focus on the road ahead, hopefully on your way to the repair shop!