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Your car should be a comfortable and enjoyable place. Where you can think, listen to music, and most importantly, get places. If your car smells funny or just plain bad, well, that kind of kills the mood doesn’t it?

Why Does My Car Smell Bad?

There can be a range of reasons for that. If your car interior gets wet and struggles to dry – then it can cause dampness and musty smells. If your cabin or pollen filters get things such as leaves or dirt stuck in them, it can lead to bad smells. If you have spilt something or have pets in the car often, those won’t do wonders for the smell of your car either.

How Do I Stop My Car Smelling Bad Then?

Well, it really depends on where the smell is coming from. Here are a bunch of solutions that you can use:

  • Remove all floor mats and dry them out. While the carpet mats are drying, use a strong carpet cleaner and wet vacuum on all the fixed carpet in the car cabin and boot. Then repeat the process with the floor mats you removed.
  • You can remove and change the; cabin, A/C, and pollen filters in the car. Also, clean out the intake areas for the air that is supplied to these filters.
  • You can clean your seats with a wet vacuum and a seat cleaner that is made for your kind of fabric i.e cloth, leather, vinyl etc.
  • You can use an air freshener to change the smell in your car but if there is a persistent bad smell then all this does is give you a terribly smelling cocktail.

How Do I Prevent My Car Smelling Bad Again?

Don’t spill things on it, don’t leave your windows down in the rain, clean your interior when you clean the car. In addition to this, get all your interior filters serviced when you get your car serviced.

Your interior isn’t a rubbish bin, take your rubbish with you and dispose of it in a real bin. Sure, those fries smelt good at the time, but the packet won’t in a weeks time.

Take care of your car, things like our ‘Comprehensive Service’ are important in maintaining the whole car as well as the interior.
If you want other handy tips and tricks for maintaining your car then look no further than our “How To” series here. It’s a pretty good read, even if we do say so ourselves.