How To: Top Up My Windscreen Washer Fluid


Why do you need windscreen washer fluid?

Your windscreen is like your glasses, great for seeing, annoying when smudged. Seeing as things like bugs, rain, mud and everything else on the road gets all over your windscreen you need to clean it. This is where the cleaning agent in your windscreen washer fluid comes in handy. It lifts these annoying, obscuring smudges and marks and helps the wiper blades keep the glass nice and clear.

How do you fill up your wiper fluid?

Well, it’s not super complicated, but don’t go filling up your transmission with cleaning concentrate.

  • Firstly, open your bonnet and find your window washer fluid filler cap. It has the markings which denote a window wiper working.
  • Open that and add a cleaning concentrate of some sort in the appropriate ratio recommended in the instructions
  • Then, if you really want to knuckle down and get serious, fill up your window washer reservoir with distilled water. (Boil the kettle and let it cool and then use that water for the mixture)
  • Now close the cap and spray your windscreen and let the wipers clean it

You can buy a variety of cleaning agents for your windscreen. Some are designed to remove bugs and prevent water lingering on the windscreen. Others are designed to make your glass as clean as possible. There’s a surprising amount of options and as you go, you can try out a few different options.

All going well your windscreen will cleaned properly and your windscreen remains free of bugs.

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