How to tell if your starter motor is faulty?


Your starter motor is what starts the engine. Which you already put together, but do you know how it works? If you don’t or even if you do, we might teach you a little more.

It’s important to know how they work because it makes it easier to spot when they aren’t. Eventually you’ll put your key in the ignition and turn it, and your car won’t start. If you can spot a few of the warning signs that your starter is on it’s way out you can save money and hassle.

There’s a few key components that make up your car’s’ starting system. By working your way through the system you can diagnose a bad starter motor.

How does a Starter Motor work?

Your starter motor is an electric motor, run by the car’s electrical system to start the engine. It does this by receiving an electrical charge from turning the key in the ignition and the circuit being completed via the ignition switch. This then makes the pinion gear extend and insert into the teeth of the flywheel. The motor then spins the flywheel, and as the flywheel is bolted to the crankshaft, it spins the engine.

As the motor spins, lots of fuel and air is sucked or forced in, then the spark plugs ignite the mixture. As soon as the engine is running, the gear retracts and the starter waits for the next time it’s needed.

What are some signs of a bad Starter Motor?

If you have a dead battery and try and start your car, it might not be the starters fault. However, if you have a fully charged battery and turn the key and the engine doesn’t start, it could be the starter.

The starter is an electrical component, and can be affected by a dead battery or very low charge. It requires a lot of amps to turn the engine over. Make sure that your battery is charged and isn’t low or requires replacing.

If your battery is low or dead, your starter will click or not make any sound at all. Check that all your dash lights come on when you turn the key. If it clicks or doesn’t turn at all, you need to jump start it.

In the theme of investigating electrical issues, if your starter has a poor connection it can cause failure. If your starter works and then doesn’t, works and then doesn’t, it could be the connection. Check your wires leading to and from the battery, starter and fuse box.

If your battery is charged, your connections are connected, and you still get nothing, it could be that the starter needs replacing.

How to replace a Starter Motor?

A starter motor is an integral part of the car’s electrical system. If you need a starter motor replaced, click here. One of our skilled garage partners can have your car starting, with ease.