Is a mobile mechanic the same as a workshop?

If you’ve got a million things on the go and zero time to make it happen, then the convenience of a mobile mechanic can’t be understated.  In fact, they’re a lifesaver. 

If you’re in need of some basic servicing, a mobile mechanic works a treat.  They’re able to work to the exact same standard as you’d get in a workshop, only it happens from the comfort of your home or workplace.  

Many car owners are big fans once they’ve had a mobile mechanic visit their place, and end up recommending the service to their friends and family because of the great service, but there are some limitations that we thought it might be useful to point out if you’re in need of help.

The main issue that can arise is when your mobile mechanic finds unforeseen issues which means their on-board tools aren’t up to scratch.  

Generally this isn’t the case for routine maintenance, but it does apply in some special cases where repair work is required.  If this happens, it’s possible you’ll need to wait another day to get your car back up and working.

Mobile mechanics can deal with a wide range of issues, which is great, but there are some jobs that do require you to visit the workshop.  Unless you have a bottomless pit in your garage, things like wheel alignments can be difficult, although not impossible.

In summary, it really comes down to the particular job that you need done.  Mobile mechanics are an excellent service, but don’t discount the possibility of needing a bit of extra time, or in some cases, needing to follow up at the garage to complete the work.

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