Is a mobile mechanic the same as a workshop?

- 2 mins read

If you’ve got a million things on the go and zero time to make it happen, then the convenience of a mobile mechanic can’t be understated.  In fact, they’re a lifesaver.  If you’re in need of some basic servicing, a mobile mechanic works a treat.  They’re able to work to the exact same standard as […]

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How do shock absorbers work

/ - 3 mins read

Shock absorbers do what their name suggests. They absorb shocks. There are a few different types of shock absorber but they all do the same job, provide a smooth ride. When you’re driving your car and it hits a bump, your shocks are what absorb and distribute the impact. They are an integral component of […]

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My Auto Shop Hiring a Mobile Mechanic

Why booking a mobile mechanic is a smart move

/ - 2 mins read

It’s a wonderful by-product of our increasingly busy lives that we have the opportunity to spend time on the things that really make us tick.  Whether that’s work, family, sport or another hobby (driving, anyone?), we all want to spend more time doing what we love, with the people we love, rather than spending endless […]

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