Is it safe to drive with a broken clutch?


We recommend you absolutely do not try to drive with a broken clutch.

It isn’t a good idea, in fact, it probably won’t even work. Your clutch is what connects the engine to the transmission. Your clutch is what mates and transfers the power from the engine to the wheels.

If it isn’t working then it will be extremely difficult to drive your car. There are different levels of broken though.

What’s wrong with my clutch?

There can be a variety of issues with your clutch.

  • You push the pedal in, but can’t change gear. This usually means there’s a problem with the clutch linkage or the selector linkages. Try changing gear with the engine off and see if you can select a gear. If you can, then turn the engine on in neutral and try to change gear. If there’s a lot of grinding and no gear change, the clutch plate needs replacing.
  • You let the clutch pedal out and the engine revs without moving the car at a realistic speed, the plate is worn and slipping. If the car doesn’t move at all – the plate is pretty seriously knackered. It’ll need replacing.

Any other issues, weird noises, smoke, smells, and other things out of the ordinary you’ll need a qualified mechanic to take care of that.

What do I do with a broken clutch?

If the car is safely operable, you should drive it to a mechanic immediately. To find a mechanic near you, click here.

Most of the time, if the car is completely inoperable, or dangerous to drive you might need a tow. We can easily sort out a tow truck for all your needs in order to get your car to a garage for its repair. Click here and save on a tow, as well as saving on the required repair.

If you need your clutch fixed or any other repairs, click here to find a mechanic that will help resolve all of your automotive worries, at a price that won’t make you worried.