Why do I need to replace my timing belt?


Your timing belt doesn’t run the clock in your car. It runs a way more important part – your engine. Like many other engine components, it wears out. When your car is running, it’s spinning at extremely high speeds, in a very hot place.

I don’t really like running in a very mild place, imagine how the timing belt feels.

What is a timing belt?

A timing belt, or cam belt, connects the crankshaft with the camshaft/’s. It is ribbed to give excellent grip to the pulley’s and prevent belt slip.

As the crankshaft pulley spins it spins the timing belt. The timing belt spins the camshafts. The camshafts open and close the valves – allowing air and fuel into the cylinders and exhaust gases out of the cylinders.

If it breaks, your car will not work.

Made out of high strength rubber, it will still stretch and degrade over time due to the the nature of it’s work, the heat, and the tension.

You can see the ribbing and how it meshes with the pulley here.

Why does a timing belt need replacing?

As mentioned above, if it breaks, your car won’t work.

As it stretches and degrades, it will negatively affect your cars’ performance and running. As such it’ll need replacing to ensure your car is in tip top working order.

It’s designed to fall within your scheduled maintenance and a proper comprehensive service should take care of it when required. most mechanics will write on the belt when it needs replacing. It’s as essential as an oil change to your cars’ maintenance and operation.

It’s not the sort of thing to ignore and skip. It’s a cheap part and usually an easy repair.

Where can I get my timing belt replaced?

We can help you easily locate a quality mechanic near you, to assist with a timing belt replacement and any other servicing needs you may require.

Just click the link here and continue through to ‘Book Now’ and have your car booked to get back to it’s best.