Should I buy an automatic or a manual?


There are a lot of pro’s and con’s to each option.

Put simply, if you love driving, love being involved in driving, and like to work out both legs – then a manual is for you.

If you like to get in your car, turn the key, put it in drive and then switch off – then an auto is for you.

Ok, that might’ve been a little reductive. Here, tell you what, we’ll go through them.

Why have an auto:

They’re comfy. You don’t have to worry about changing gear. If you do have to manually select a gear it’s no big deal, most offer this on the gear selector.

They offer you the ability to never worry about stalling, to not worry about hill starts, to not worry about idling in traffic etc. The automatic transmission was invented and implemented as a means of comfort and luxury.

If your favorite part of driving is point B and you could care less about being ‘attached to the machine’ then an automatic transmission is what you want.

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Why have a manual:

A manual transmission is about as connected to the act of driving as you can get.

You use the clutch to forcibly disengage the engine as you slam the stick into the next gear and then match the revs as you get back on the power. It’s a thrill that true petrolheads can’t get enough of.

You’re in total control of your car and having to be engaged in the experience the whole time. It means you’re more alert, more empathetic to other drivers, and here’s a controversial one: You’re a better driver.

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Does driving a manual make you a better driver?

Simple answer: Yes, absolutely.

If you’re thinking about teaching anyone to drive, I can’t recommend a manual enough.

You have to pay attention, you have to think ahead, and even when you aren’t 100% focussed on driving – you’re more focussed than the same auto driver.

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