When do I get my car serviced?


Nearly all modern cars have different service intervals, this is to do with different engine constructions and different engineering requirements.

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For example a higher performance European car like a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, will require more oil changes, filter changes and maintenance to maintain the standard of ownership. They know that their customers can afford these more expensive parts and servicing, so they can offer a higher level of maintenance.

In comparison, a lot of modern manufacturers who compete on price, will offer longer service intervals. This is done to keep ownership costs low, at the risk of ownership experience.

It really depends on the type, brand, and age of the car. Some have service indicator lights that come on, some have it in the owner’s manual. Nearly all mechanics will give you a little sticker in the top right of your windshield just in case.

How do I know when to get my car serviced?

Well the easiest one is the sticker on the top of your windscreen. That will give you the best indicator as your mechanic has the best understanding of your car’s mechanical condition.

This will usually consist of two deadlines for a service. Whichever comes first out of kilometers travelled and date.

This means that if you drive your car a lot, you’ll need a service based on the kilometer target.

If your car sits around a lot, it will likely hit the date target. This means that the car won’t deteriorate while sitting, and remain safe to use whenever you need it to.

There are usually different parts, wear and tear etc that will correspond to the different ways you use your car.

As a general rule, expect to need a service every 12 months or 10,000km. Remember that this is variable based on your cars’ manufacturer recommendations.

What happens when a car gets serviced?

We’ve got a couple articles on what’s involved in a service.

It will generally involve changing, checking, and topping off the important fluids. Changing filters and plugs and an inspection of all critical areas.

What to do if your car needs a service

Don’t ignore any warning lights, and make sure that you book in for a convenient time that suits you.

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