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EV vs. Petrol: What does annual maintenance look like?

- 3 mins read

If you are thinking about buying an electric or hybrid vehicle you have probably already done a bit of research around the cars range and how much you stand to save not buying fuel. But have you considered the cost of maintenance? There are far fewer moving parts on many of these types of vehicles, […]

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Buying a Car: How to Negotiate Car Price

/ - 6 mins read

Buying a car can be intimidating, no doubt at all. If you don’t like arguing or conflict or if you’re just keen to buy the car, there’s a lot of pressure on negotiations. The purchase price negotiation can cost you or save you thousands. How do you negotiate? We’re here with a few handy tips, […]

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How to Buy and Sell a Car

/ - 2 mins read

Buying and selling a car can be complicated and convoluted, we’ve created a blog series to stop that from being the case. We have created a series on buying a car, and a series on selling a car. Hopefully if you’re totally lost, we can walk you through both processes. Ho do you buy and […]

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