My Auto Shop Remote Technician Van

Why I booked a My Auto Shop remote technician

/ - 3 mins read

Guest Post: If your life is anything like mine, the hours spent between 7am-5pm are spent running around like a headless chicken, checking in on whatever needs doing work-wise, errands to keep things going at home, the list is endless! So you can imagine my dismay when I noticed that my brakes started to show […]

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Image of cracked windscreen needing repair

Expert’s guide to windscreen chips, cracks and repairs

- 3 mins read

We don’t always think about it, but our windscreens actually bear a fair brunt as we get ourselves around.  There’s nothing more annoying than a distracting windscreen crack or chip sitting in your critical vision area while you’re hurtling down the motorway. Windscreens are actually a key safety component in a car (it could literally […]

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