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New Fuel Filter

Much like when you drink clean water, your car responds best to clean fuel. If any contaminants get into the fuel line, injectors, and combustion chamber, it can lead to damages and other issues. The fuel filter, surprisingly, filters the fuel that comes from the fuel tank to the engine.  

What is a fuel filter?

They come in different forms but all have the same basic function, they use a card or paper filter to filter the fuel that is passing through the fuel lines. In rare cases, the filter has 2 inlets and 2 outlets to filter the return feed of unused fuel. 

Why do you need a fuel filter? 

Without a fuel filter the petrol tank in your car may end up sending small sediment or other gunk that you don't want, through your fuel system. The filter basically ensures that your engine is getting clean fuel and none of the nasty stuff. 

Without a filter, there’s the possibility that your fuel injectors will become clogged. It could also lead to carbon deposits in your combustion chamber. Fuel filters are a handy thing to have. 

How to tell if you need a new fuel filter

Generally these are replaced by mechanics during a full service. They will spot that the filter is dirty and replace it with a new one.

However, if your fuel economy gets worse, your engine becomes sluggish or a check engine light comes on, then the fuel filter might be responsible for that too. 

How to change a fuel filter

Firstly the filter is located and the pressure let out of the fuel system. The fuel lines are then disconnected from the filter and the filter is removed. The new one is installed and the lines reconnected before purging the air out of the system. The car will then be started and checked for leaks.

How much does a fuel filter cost?

A fuel filter by itself is a reasonably cheap part but the labour involved means that the prices can start at $85 for an easy to access filter, but can be over $300 for a higher price filter in a hard to locate position.

Is a broken fuel filter unsafe?

Not unless it’s leaking anywhere near an ignition source. If it is leaking then you should get it fixed immediately to prevent a fire.

It can damage your fuel injectors and lead to other maintenance issues down the line, so it’s worth getting it fixed. 

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