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Oil Pan/ Sump Gasket Replacement

Have you ever cleaned your garage, only to find pesky oil stains on your floor the next day? This is usually the fault of the gaskets in your engine. Your sump holds nearly all of your oil in the engine when your car is off. If your sump gasket is playing up then more often than not, it can lead to annoying leaks that can sometimes lead to more issues.

What is a sump gasket?

A sump gasket is fitted between the bottom of the engine block and the oil sump. The sump holds all the oil as well as the pick up for the oil pump. The gasket is made out of a variety of different materials. It is fitted between the block and sump to stop leaks by compressing into the gaps and ensuring an oiltight fit.   

Why do you need a sump gasket? 

If you don’t have a sump gasket then your oil would leak out of your engine. If the sump is leaking then you can risk starving the engine of oil. The costs of which are far more than a gasket costs.

How to tell if you need a new oil sump gasket?

If you see oil on your ice, clean floor, then it may be the sump gasket to blame. If there’s a noticeable smell and sometimes smoke coming from the engine, this is often oil burning on the exhaust. If you have to keep topping off your oil consistently then there may be a leak from the sump also. 

What’s involved in getting a oil sump gasket replaced

The mechanic will hoist the car up and drain the oil. They will then unbolt the sump from the block and pull the sump off. The mounting surface on the sump and engine block will have the old gasket scraped back and cleaned to ensure the new gasket can adhere to the surface - the sump will be cleaned while this is happening. The new gasket will be applied to the sump and usually some silicone sealant will be used in ‘at risk’ places. The sump will be refitted to the engine block and all bolts torqued to specifications. The engine will be run and checked for leaks. 

How much does an oil sump gasket replacement cost?

Depending on how hard it is to access the sump, the prices can vary depending on the make and model. Generally prices start around $400 and can go higher than $850

How often do I need an oil sump gasket replaced?

Over time, gaskets wear down. They aren’t often changed but it is a common repair so don’t be surprised if your car needs it done. 

Is a broken oil sump gasket unsafe?

It can be unsafe to your engine and we recommend that if the gasket has started to fail, that you get it replaced.

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