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Oil Pump Replacement

The oil pump has perhaps the most important role of any engine component. It is responsible for circulating the lubrication and cooling that the engine needs to function at its ideal temperature and speed. Aside from preserving the engine it is also important in the function of the engine. A faulty oil pump will seriously hinder the performance of the engine.

What is an oil pump?

An oil pump is a pump that is run off the engine either via the crankshaft or camshaft and some run off of electricity. It can be internal or externally mounted. It has a feed line from the sump where the oil pools and it sucks the oil from the sump and distributes the oil around the engine. It does this via various passageways that are machined unto the engine block. It then circulates the oil through a cooler in order to maintain a steady temperature across the whole engine. This makes sure that nothing is running too hot or too cold.

The oil pump is critical in ensuring peak performance, fuel economy and longevity of the motor.

Why do you need an oil pump?

Without the proper lubrication you can either; seriously damage your engine, or, seize the entire engine itself. Thus requiring either a full engine overhaul or a brand new engine to replace your broken one. This can be extremely expensive and something you really want to avoid.

The reason that you need a properly functioning oil pump, is to ensure that your car lasts as long as you need it to and that everything is properly maintained. This helps with reducing servicing costs and keeping your car healthy.

 What symptoms mean you need a new oil pump?

-          Your oil pressure gauge is very low

-          You get an engine warning light on your dash

-          You can hear a loud ticking from the top of your engine

-          Your engine is running hotter than normal

-          The engine struggles to start

How to install an oil pump

-          Firstly, all engine oil is drained by unscrewing the oil drain plug, and checked to make sure no metals are in the oil

-          The sump pan itself is unbolted from the engine and gasket removed

-          The oil pump is found, disconnected from all oil lines, and removed

-          The new oil pump is fitted and lines reconnected

-          The sump is refitted along with a new gasket

-          The engine is filled with the correct amount of oil and checked for leaks at temperature.

 How much does an oil pump replacement usually cost?

As the oil pump replacement is a very complicated job prices can range from as little as $850, for an easily accessible and cheap pump replacement, to over $2000 for an expensive, hard to get to pump.

The cost of replacement highlights just how important it is to regularly check and replace your oil. This is the most important part in preserving your pump’s lifespan.

How often do I need to replace my oil pump?

You will only need to replace your oil pump if damage has occurred or the pump has failed.

It is not a regularly serviced item, and it can be prevented as mentioned above, with regular oil checks, oil changes, and good regular servicing.

Is a broken oil pump unsafe?

Yes, to both your car and your wallet. Hopefully by now you understand just how important the oil pump is to the engine.  

A broken oil pump is extremely unsafe, if it fails while the car is driving it can lead to accidents. If it fails at all while the motor is running, it can result in a total rebuild or replacement engine. 

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