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Transmission Mount Replacement

Your transmission is what makes you go forwards, backwards and forwards at different speeds. As the transmission takes a lot of power from the engine and then spins the driveshaft, this can lead to vibrations and imbalances. The transmission mount is what keeps it in place and dampens the vibrations.

What is a transmission mount?

The transmission mount will either be underneath or surrounding the transmission. It typically has a bushing between the transmission and the mount. This keeps the vibrations down and the transmission secure. The types of mounts differ with automatic and manual transmission. Rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive and front wheel drive, will all have different types and sizes of mounts. 

Why do you need a transmission mount?

Your transmission needs the mount to work properly. If there’s vibrations and imbalances, it can lead to damage and other drivability issues down the track. Your transmission needs to always be secured and dampened.

How to tell if you need a new transmission mount

If you notice new vibrations that get worse the faster you go, the mount may be damaged. If you notice loud noises when the car is accelerating or changing gears that sound like clunking, that is an indication that the transmission may have come partially free from the mounts. If your transmission falls out… well, bugger.

What’s involved in getting a transmission mount replaced?

The mechanic will firstly hoist the car up and remove any undertray that covers the underneath of the transmission. They will then jack up the transmission slightly to unbolt the mount. The old mount will be removed and the new one will be fitted in place. The transmission will be lowered back into place. The undertray will be refitted and the car test driven to ensure safety. 

How much does a transmission mount replacement cost?

The prices typically start around $200 and can go over $600 for some more complicated setups. 

How often do I need a transmission mount replaced?

Usually the transmission bushing will be replaced regularly and it’s rare for a mount to break. 

Is a broken transmission mount unsafe?

It can be in a variety of ways. It can cause an accident when your car stops working suddenly. Or it can break other components that are attached to the transmission. 

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