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Whirring noise from engine or exhaust assessment in West Coast

If your hearing a whirring noise from your engine or exhaust My Auto Shop can get it sorted with a Engine Inspection. Simply leave as many details about the issue as you can and we will contact local MTA approved mechanics in West Coast that are qualified to fix the underlying issue. We'll email you quotes for an inspection within 2 working days, and where possible provide an indication as to the likely underlying issue(s) and cost to fix. You can book directly on the My Auto Shop platform in minutes.

How a Engine Inspection works with My Auto Shop:

Our qualified mechanic will look to complete a thorough inspection of your vehicle's engine using the information or symptoms you have provided via the My Auto Shop platform. To complete this the mechanic will usually start by plugging into your OBDII port and completing a complete diagnostic scan. This will highlight any error or warning codes your vehicle has and will provide the mechanic with information they. need to fix your problem.

Depending on the symptoms the mechanic will take a good look at your vehicles:
- Drive & timing belts (cambelt, serpentine belts);
- Camshaft & crankshaft;
- Spark plugs; or
- Oil pan.

Before completing any repairs the mechanic will complete a quote and look for your approval.

When your hearing a whirring noise from your engine or exhaust its often as a result of a:

  • Failing Water pump
  • Belt driven accessories or the belt(s) themselves
  • Bearings of your alternator, idler, and tensioner pulleys

Popular services linked to a Engine Inspection:

Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

Spinning all of the pulleys that power your cars’ accessories takes a lot of force. In order to stop the drive belt slipping on the various pulleys, the tensioner keeps the belt tight and the friction strong to ensure the belt doesn’t slip.

Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat helps to do a whole bunch of important things in your cooling system. Think of it as a halfback, it’s small, manages a whole bunch of components and can cause headaches if it stops doing its job.

Idler Pulley Replacement

The idler pulley is a component that doesn’t power anything but it makes sure that things can be powered correctly. Your drive belts power things like power steering, alternators, water pumps etc. The idler pulley makes sure that all of these can be powered as they should and that all the required belts stay where they should.

Hydraulic Lifter Replacement

Hydraulic lifters are a complicated little part that are integral to a complicated system. They use oil to control the amount of lift that the camshaft gives to the valves. The lifters make sure that your engine runs smoothly and remove the need for valve adjustments.

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