Why do I need a wheel balance?

/ - 2 mins read

Your wheels are round, they have tyres fitted over the top of them and they roll. Why fix what isn’t broke? Well, your wheels do roll, that’s where the problem comes from. Your wheels may be round and roll nicely, but without balancing, they won’t do that very well at all. If you need a […]

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What’s a wheel alignment and why do I need one?

- 2 mins read

Your car should drive in a straight line when you want it to. To do this, you need the wheels all pointing in the same direction. Often you’ll find your car pulling to one side, this is a sign that your tyre alignment needs a check. Your wheel alignment means that your car will go […]

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How To Check My Tyre Pressure

/ - 3 mins read

Your tyres need air in them, sure, but how much air? Maybe one has a slow leak? Maybe you’re imagining it? How do I check my tyre pressure? If you know how to check and top up your tyre pressures then you won’t have to ask yourself these questions. It’s really easy to do, and […]

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