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AC Low-Pressure Hose Replacement

Your air conditioning is a very complicated system, there are plenty of relays, hoses, and other electrical components to keep you cool in summer. The high and low pressure hoses are one of the most important components of the entire system.

What is an air conditioning low-pressure hose?

It is a rubber or synthetic composite hose that travels to the compressor from the evap system. This hose carries the low pressure gas and any leaks or cracks could lead to you losing your refrigerant gas and pressure. Meaning you’ll be getting hot over summer. 

Why do you need an air conditioning low-pressure hose?

Without it, you can’t run your air conditioning and you’ll be left cooking in a hot car in the summer months. It is a vital hose that needs to be airtight to keep all the refrigeration gas in the system.  

How to tell if you need a new air conditioning low-pressure hose?

If your air conditioning will run properly but won’t blow cold, then you’ve got a surefire problem. If you open your bonnet and track down the hose and can see cracks or evidence of a leak, then you’ll need a new one as well as some new refrigeration gas.

How is an air conditioning low-pressure hose replaced?

The mechanic will remove any remaining refrigeration gas and locate the low pressure hose. They will then remove the old hose and disconnect any switches or sensors and replace it with the new one. The system will be pressure tested and all sensors or switches will be reconnected. The system will be refilled with refrigeration gas and the system will be run to make sure everything is doing its job as it should.

How much does an air conditioning low-pressure hose replacement cost?

It’s a pretty expensive hose to replace, usually the refrigeration gas needs to be replaced as well. Expect prices in the $185 to $485 range.

How often do I need an air conditioning low-pressure hose replaced?

Only if it fails. If there is a problem then it should be tracked down because losing refrigeration gas is an expensive waste. Asides from being comfortable, it’s best practice  to keep everything safe and running well.

Is a broken air conditioning low-pressure hose unsafe?

Only to your comfort and wallet. It’s an important part of your a/c system and if you lose refrigeration gas or damage the system then you’ll be kicking yourself for not sorting it out earlier.

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