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Brake Fluid Flush

A spongy pedal feel, increased stopping distance or a WoF failure are all things that can come about from needing a brake fluid flush. Rather than get into an accident, get your system flushed to get some peace of mind. 

What is a Brake Fluid Change?

Most modern vehicles operate a hydraulic braking system to transfer pressure from the brake pedal to the brakes pads and rotors. This system is filled with brake fluid, which over time can become contaminated by moisture or air may enter the system. The result can be severely impacted braking performance.

A brake flush replaces the brake fluid within the braking system, ensuring the hydraulic pressure is working at an optimal level. Regular brake flushes can prolong the life of other braking components, and most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the braking fluid every 30,000 km. Your vehicle may have a sensor that will warn you if your brake fluid is low. If this light comes on, ensure a mechanic takes a look at the system immediately to avoid brake failure. 

How do you know when it is time to get your brake fluid changed?

A common symptom of a pending issue with the brake system is a noticeable softening of the brake pedal. This is referred to as a ‘spongy pedal’. You may also notice a change to the stopping performance of your brakes or a shuddering when braking. 

What happens during a Brake Fluid Change?

The mechanic will drain the braking system reservoir and fill it with new brake fluid. To complete a full system flush the vehicle will be raised on a hoist, where the mechanic can access the calipers and/ or brake drums. The flush is completed using a pressurized pump, which sucks the liquid through the system and draws the new liquid through from the reservoir. This is completed for each caliper or drum.

Once the flush is completed the mechanic will top up the reservoir, bleed the system to ensure there is no air trapped, and test drive the vehicle.

How much does a Brake Fluid Change cost?

You can expect to pay around $90 for a brake system flush. This will be more expensive if you have a set of performance brakes or if your car requires a higher quality DOT4 brake fluid (regular cars typically use DOT3). 

Does a Brake Fluid Change help keep me safe?

Absolutely. Not only does a flush improve the performance of your brakes, but it also helps keep other components of the braking system in top shape. 

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