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Radiator replacement

If your car is overheating, running the fans aggressively, the radiator is leaking, or the temperature gauge keeps climbing in stop or start traffic then it might be time for a radiator replacement. As keeping your engine at the right temperature is the radiator’s key job, it’s one that you want it to do perfectly.

What is an engine’s radiator?

The engine’s radiator has the critical job of controlling the temperature of the engine. It does this by capturing the cool air forced into the radiator as the vehicle travels forward, reducing the coolant temperature that is then pumped into the engine by the water pump. Radiators are located behind the front bumper of the vehicle and often have a fan that helps to draw air through the radiator while the vehicle is stationary, further reducing the risk of an engine overheating. If this radiator fan is working overtime to keep the engine cool then there may be a problem with the cooling system.

How do you know when it is time to replace your radiator?

It is important to consider placing the engine coolant roughly every 5 years to extend the life of your radiator. This is often picked up as part of your annual service. If you notice odd noises or steam coming from under the bonnet, or find evidence of a leak (often on the driveway under the front part of the bonnet), get the radiator looked at by a mechanic.

If your vehicle starts overheating it’s probable there is an issue with your radiator. This can lead to major issues with the engine.

What happens during a Radiator Replacement?

Replacing the radiator is a complicated task. First the radiator will be inspected, before the coolant is drained from the cooling system. The mechanic will disconnect all hoses and fans then remove the radiator. 

The system should be flushed out at this point to remove any built up dirt. Once the new radiator is installed, the process is completed in reverse (connecting hoses and fans), new coolant added, then finally the system will be bled to remove any air. 

How much does a Radiator Replacement cost?

Radiators differ significantly depending on the vehicle. Performance vehicles with high performance engines typically require added cooling. On top of this radiators are sometimes located in other parts of the vehicle, making a replacement more difficult. As a guide radiator replacements start from around $800. 

Is driving with a broken radiator unsafe?

It is very likely that driving with a broken radiator will result in your engine overheating and potentially expensive repairs. While not necessarily unsafe, it's recommended you get this repaired at the first sign of concern.

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