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Starter Motor Replacement

The starter motor does what you’d think, it starts the car. If there is an issue with your starter and you drive an automatic then there’s no real work around to starting your car without it. You can’t bump-start an automatic, so if there’s a problem with the starter then it’s something worth looking at.

What is a Starter Motor?

When you turn the key (or press the start/ stop button) magic happens… well nearly. What's actually going on behind there is thanks, in no small part, to the engine's starter motor. A starter motor is a small electric motor attached to the engine’s flywheel, which when engaged, helps turnover the engine until it fires up. This rotation is what bursts your engine to life. Once the engine is running the starter motor returns to its hibernated form, waiting for the next time you need to start your car.

How do you know when it is time to replace your starter motor?

A failing starter motor makes quite a distinctive sound. You will notice a clicking noise, following by… nothing. If there is no noise at all or a grinding sound, then your starter may have bit the dust completely. Typically a failed starter motor relates to sticking solenoids or failure at the brushes, however, they can simply wear out over time. As a major component for the usability of your vehicle, it’s worth getting the starter motor checked if you’re struggling to get life into your car. 

What happens during a starter motor replacement?

First thing the mechanic will do is disconnect the battery (which is standard procedure for anything connected to electricity). To get at the starter motor the car will need to be lifted, where it can be disconnected from the flywheel. To do this the mechanic will disconnect all of the electrical connections before unbolting the starter motor. The process is completed in reverse and tested to ensure that it all works.

How much does a starter motor replacement cost?

Starter motor replacements start at around $580, but depend on the vehicle make and model. 

Is driving with a broken starter motor unsafe?

It may be a bit of an oxymoron, but you’ll be unlikely to be driving at all if your starter motor is broken. We recommend getting this looked at if you hear any of the symptoms identified above to avoid getting stranded by the roadside.

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