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Fuse Replacement

If something in your cars’ electrical system starts playing up it may be a fuse to blame. It’s pretty easy to tell if you’ve blown a fuse and replacing a fuse is pretty easy too. 

What is a fuse?

Put simply a fuse is the weakest part of an electrical circuit, designed to fail first in the event of a surge in electrical power and before it can cause damage to the rest of the circuit. Vehicles often have fuses throughout, although a fuse box often contains the most important fuses, making them easy to check and/ or replace when required. Fuses are made at different strengths, based on their use, so it is important to replace a fuse with the same type and rating to ensure they continue to do their job. 

When a fuse requires replacing, it's also important to note that it is a warning sign that something more significant is wrong with that component’s electrics. 

How do you know when it is time to replace your fuse?

A fuse is one of the first things to check when an electrical component (the radio, A/C, lights, etc) stop working. It should be easy to determine if a fuse has burnt, as the element will be burnt, or in the case of glass fuses the outside appears dark or cloudy.

What happens during a fuse replacement?

Replacing a fuse is a simple job. The mechanic will find the fuse box (typically in the engine bay or cabin), and locate the fuse that is in question. Once replaced, the mechanic will test the circuit using a voltage tester to ensure everything is working properly.

How much does a fuse replacement cost?

The most common fuses are quite cheap, ranging from around $15. That said, some components have specialised fuses that can cost more. Whenever a fuse is replaced it is important the mechanic looks for and finds the cause for the electrical short. This will help avoid fuses needing to be replaced in the future. Including labour, fuse replacements cost around $40.

Is driving with a broken fuse unsafe?

The underlying component that the fuse has left non operational may result in unsafe driving if left unchecked. Lights, for example, may become useless if the fuse has been burnt and they don’t work. While a simple fix, its worth while getting fuses replaced quickly and the underlying issue dealt with before they create risk to your safety.

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