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Drive Belt Replacement

What is a Drive Belt?

Also known as the “V belt” (or serpentine belt), the drive belt transfers “drive” to your air conditioning, alternator and power steering while the engine is going. Many cars have multiple drive belts, depending on the number of accessories fitted to the vehicle’s engine, and these belts are connected to the crankshaft pulley, which turns the belt creating power. As the belt drives the alternator (amongst other things), which in turn charges the vehicle’s battery, the drive belt plays a critical role in the function of your engine.

Why do you need a Drive Belt?

A drive belt powers all your essential accessories that are attached to the engine. Without it, they wouldn’t work, so it’s definitely something you want in top working condition.

How do you know when it is time to replace your Drive Belt?

Over time the drive belts rubber will begin to deteriorate from heat exposure. When this happens it's not uncommon for the belt to start to slip. This often results in squeaking noises from the engine bay, as well as a noticeable lack of power steering performance. In addition to this, other issues may arise, including your A/C failing to work, poor battery charge or increased engine temperatures.

What happens during a Drive Belt Replacement?

The drive belt is held in place by a series of tensioners. When replacing the drive belt the mechanic will check the tensioners for any damage, before replacing the belt and tensioning it properly again. 

How much does a Drive Belt Replacement cost?

Drive belt replacements start at around $190 for a simple system and increase to over $400 should multiple belts need replacing. There are many types of drive belts unique to the make and model of your vehicle. In addition to this, the mechanic will inspect the system, specifically the tensioners, for any damage during the job. Drive Belt Tensioner Replacements cost in excess of $360. For more detail on Tensioner replacements check them out here. 

Is driving with a broken drive belt unsafe?

Yes. As the drive belt facilitates power steering, it can be very unsafe if it fails all of a sudden.

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