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Cabin Filter Replacement

To keep pollen and other dirt from blowing into your car through the vents, there are cabin air filters. They are often a source of a car’s ‘smell’ and are best maintained to keep your ride fresh. 

What is a cabin filter?

In essence, it’s a filter that filters the air into the cabin. It is usually located in the air con system or inside the dashboard. It captures dirt, pollen (why it’s often called a pollen filter), bugs and other particulates that you don’t want in the cabin. It does this with either a single wall or dual wall filter, made out of paper or other soft fabrics. Over time, the filter clogs up with junk and needs replacing. 

How do you know when it is time to replace your cabin filter?

If your fan force is low, then the cabin filter may be clogged. If you notice that the inside of the car feels damp or the windows fog up often this can indicate a damp or wet filter.

What happens during a cabin filter replacement?

The air filter is located either through the air con, firewall or the glove box/passenger footwell. The filter is removed as well as any other debris. The new filter is fitted and the access is closed up after testing.

How much does a cabin filter replacement cost?

It’s not a super expensive part and the prices for a new filter are in the $50 to $200 range. If your car is fitted with a mesh style filter aka a HEPA filter. Which is far more efficient but also far more expensive than a standard filter.

Is driving with a broken cabin filter unsafe?

Only very rarely. If they lead to your windows fogging up when driving they can lead to dangerous situations. Generally they aren’t a worry, but are a nice thing to have working properly.

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