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Air Intake Replacement

In order to get air into your engine it first passes through an air filter which is connected to the intake plenum. The air intake is the system from which air gets from outside to inside the engine. It also houses important sensors like mass airflow sensors and intake temperature sensors. 

What is an air intake?

The intake system itself is made up of a raft of components designed to get as much clean, cool air as possible into the engine. Your air intake vents channel air into the airbox, inside the airbox is the air filter which filters the air that then travels through the intake pipe to the throttle body and then into the engine. 

It houses sensors like the mass airflow sensor, intake air temperature sensor, in turbo engines you’ll also find a boost air pressure sensor or manifold pressure sensor. 

Cold Air Intake - 2013+ BRZ/FRS/86 - GrimmSpeed

Why do you need an air intake?

For your engine to work, it requires air, fuel and spark. The air intake provides the air for this equation. It is designed to be as efficient as possible and provide the most power with the best fuel economy. If something goes wrong with a component in the system then this can lead to your engine running poorly.

How to tell if you need a new air intake

If your car is sluggish, down on power, getting poor fuel economy, or clearly dirty. Then you might need your air intake repaired or replaced. Getting air is a very important thing for your engine and something that should work as seamlessly as possible. 

How is an air intake replaced?

The mechanic will remove any engine coverings to access the engine. They will then disconnect trace the issue to any of the components that appear to be faulty and replace them. It does depend on the part that is faulty, to determine the overall level of work required to fix the problem.

How much does an air intake replacement cost?

As there are a variety of components involved in the air intake system, the prices can vary based on the nature of the work. Prices can be as low as $30 for a small hose replacement to over $700 for a throttle body replacement. It really depends on what’s at fault. 

How often do I need an air intake replaced?

The various components will need replacing based on their individual life expectancies. All we can say is that when something needs to be replaced in the intake system, that it’s best to replace it. The air your engine needs is not something to be trifled with.

Is a broken air intake unsafe?

Not to drive on the road. But, like we said, it’s an important part of your engine and to prevent other more expensive things cropping up you should get everything fixed as required.

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