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Ball Joint Replacement

Your car’s suspension is an integral part of driving, the ball joints are an integral part of your suspension system. They make sure that while your car goes over bumps, it can also turn. They’re an important part of your car and they’re something worth taking good care of.

What is a ball joint? 

Believe it or not, it’s a joint that comes in the form of a sphere - a ball if you will. The ‘ball’ is fitted to a socket. The two parts are then protected from damaging each other with a teflon coating to stop them rubbing against each other. They are also lubricated and sealed with a synthetic bushing. This allows them to shift and rotate freely, allowing the vehicle to turn and corners very stably. 

Why do you need a ball joint?

Without it, you wouldn’t go around corners very well at all. The ball joint facilitates turning and pivoting of the wheels and suspension. They are a critical component of your car's suspension and if they aren’t up to scratch then it can lead to a wof failure.

How to tell if you need a new ball joint

If you can have a look and can see the ball joint boot is cracked or torn then you’ll need a new one. A good way to notice is if the car ‘chatters’ or ‘rattles’ on rough sections of road. When going over a bump if you can hear a dull thudding or clunk, then the ball joint may need replacing.

How is a ball joint replaced?

The mechanic will loosen the wheels in the affected locations and lift the vehicle. The wheels will then be removed, as well as the control arms and steering knuckle or CV joint. The ball joint may be swapped out and resealed with a new boot, but in most cases a new assembly will be installed. The control arms, steering knuckle or CV joint will be refitted and the wheels refitted. A wheel alignment will be performed and the car tested before being returned to the customer.

How much does a ball joint replacement cost?

It’s a big job and a really important one, usually the job will be around $400 - $750 for a twin replacement. Usually both sides of the car will have their ball joints replaced at the same time. 

How often do I need a ball joint replaced?

In most cases they’ll last over 150,000km but it comes down to the way the car is used and the way it’s driven.

Is a broken ball joint unsafe?

Yes it is. A broken ball joint can lead to serious accidents and further damage that you’ll want to avoid. You can also fail a warrant of fitness if they aren’t up to muster.

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