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Battery Cable Replacement

Your battery cable has the simple job of connecting your car's battery to all the important electrical accessories. It is a thickly insulated wire, either connected to the ‘earth’ from the negative terminal, or to the accessories from the positive terminal.

What is a battery cable?

It has a connector on one end that connects to the battery and is heavily encased in insulation to prevent issues with electricity escaping. The other end is connected to all the major accessories that need power. The wire is usually a highly conductive metal like copper. 

Why do you need a battery cable?

Without them, you wouldn't be able to charge the battery, to fire up the starter when starting your car, or use any other electrical equipment in the car. In order for your car to run, you need electricity and that is supplied by the cables.

How to tell if you need a new battery cable

If the battery is charged and electrical components are still not working, it may be the cable or connectors. If the electronics are temperamental, it may be a faulty connection or cable. A mechanic will be able to track down the exact source of the issue.

What’s involved in getting a battery cable replaced?

The mechanic will disconnect the battery and then disconnect the cables. They will then cut new cables to size and fit the required connectors on each end. They will then reconnect the battery and make sure everything is working properly. 

How much does a battery cable replacement cost?

More often than not, it’s a quick and easy job. Prices start around $95 and go over $285 for more complicated setups.

How often do I need a battery cable replaced?

Usually you won’t need it replaced unless something damages it. It can arc if damaged and this can lead to fires. If it needs replacing then replace it.

Is a broken battery cable unsafe?

It can be if it arcs and causes a fire. It’s more likely to cause a headache though, so get it replaced when you need it replaced.

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